JC Cepeda donates two works for the St. Jude Angels & Stars Gala auction

The Colombian painter and sculptor JC Cepeda supports the investigation of innovative treatments at St. Jude’s Hospital

Miami, May 24, 2018.- Olé Communication.

The Colombian painter and sculptor Juan Carlos Cepeda donated his sculpture “Super Girl Urban Design” and a special edition Paula Fruman jacket which was painted on by the artist, for the silent auction at St. Jude’s Hospital to benefit their Angels & Stars Gala.

supergirl urban design auction  Paula Furman's Jacket

 The 16th edition of the FedEx/St. Jude Angels & Stars Gala took place on Saturday May 19th at the Intercontinental Hotel in Miami and received $1 million in donations. The events purpose was to raise funds in order to guarantee that the families that attend St. Jude won’t ever receive a bill for treatment, transportation, housing, food or anything else they may need during their hospital stay. Guests included celebrities, philanthropists and influential South Florida personalities including, Carlos Ponce, William Valdes, Zuleyka Rivera, Pamela Silva, Poncho de Anda, Sebastian Villalobos, Karla Monroig, Maria Elena Salinas, Elisabeth Hernandez, Federico Diaz, among others.
Juan Carlos Cepeda’s piece “Super Girl Urban Design” is significant for this event due to the emphasis Cepeda placed on the importance of mother’s, especially those in the critical situations these families find themselves in. The sculpture is an homage to a mother’s labor, their ability to use their strength and love during this fight to save the lives of their loved ones, thus being great heroines.
supergirl urban design
The donated piece, «Supergirl Urban Design»

About St. Jude’s:

Founded by the actor and comedian Danny Thomas in 1962, the mission of St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital is that no child should die at the start of their lives and during its trajectory they have achieved great advances in pediatric cancer research. Today they are a world leader in the development of new and improved treatments for pediatric cancer. For more information about St. Jude’s visit their website https://www.stjude.org.
JC Cepeda with his piece "Batgirl Urban Design"

JC Cepeda with his piece «Batgirl Urban Design»